balianblue (balianblue) wrote,

A Song For The Lonely (All Parts)

Title: A Song for the Lonely (multipart fic, in progress)
Author: Balianblue
Pairings: Remus/Neville, one chapter of Neville/George
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Warnings: implied character death, homosexual sex
Disclaimer: the characters belong to the almighty Rowling, the love belongs to me.
Author's Notes: this will (soon, i promise) be a multi-part fic. Feel free to friend me if you want to keep updated.

Summary: A world destroyed takes thousands of people to rebuild, but it only takes one person to fix a broken man.

Part 1 - (PG-13)
Part 2 - (PG-13)
Part 3 - (PG-13)
Part 4 - (PG-13)
Part 5 - (PG-13)
Part 6 - (PG-13)
Part 6.5 - (NC-17)
Part 7 - (PG-13)
Part 8 - (PG-13)
Part 9 - (NC-17)
Part 10 - (PG-13)
Part 11 - (NC-17)

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